Red Jewelry for Valentines Day

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Red Jewelry is bold, vibrant, and one of our most popular colorways.   Red Jewelry is also perfect for Valentines Day, Galentines day, or everyday!   Wear it with black and grey monotones as a pop of color, with earthier wood tones, or with vibrant colors for a brighter look.   Paired with pink, red can take on a more ombre romantic look or a bold colorful look contrasting with other bright colors.    I've put together a Valentines Day gift guide below featuring some of my Red and Pink jewelry picks for a more modern, contemporary twist on traditional Valentines Day jewelry gifts.

Red Jewelry and Pink Jewelry Gift Guide 

Red and Pink Jewelry Gifts 

Red and Blue Mini Wood Hoop Earrings 



Sophisticated tones of red and mauve-y pink pop against dark wood in these one of a kind wood hoop earrings.   These wooden earrings are light as a feather and the perfect everyday wearable length of 1 3/8".   This color palette is also featured in the Mini Gradient Red/Blue Wood Earrings which are a smaller size of the more traditional dangle earring style.  


Red Cactus Flower Wood Earrings 


These one of a kind ebony wood earrings are an elegant shape designed to frame the face.   The black ebony wood highlights striking shades of red and mauve.    Pair it with the Ebony Wood Mini Hardware Necklace  below to make a modern set.  


Cherry Lime Wooden Stud Earrings 


These wood stud earrings are the perfect size for everyday wear and feature jolts of cherry red, bright pink, and lime.    Not only are they fun to wear, but the Cherry Lime Wooden Stud Earrings can even be paired with more traditional jewelry, like pearl stud earrings if you have multiple ear piercings for a fresh contemporary look.   Or mix and match with a Laura Jaklitsch Jewelry necklace.  


Coral and Blue Wood Earrings 


Coral red and mauve pink perfectly compliment the aqua and blue tones in the Coral and Blue Wood Earrings.  These one of a kind earrings are lightweight with a summer-y look and feel.  


Ebony Wood Mini Hardware Necklace 


The Ebony Wood Mini Hardware Necklace is delicate with a modern edge and features oxidized sterling silver chain.  This wood necklace features ombre shades of red against a black wood background, and pairs nicely with the Red Cactus Flower Wood Earrings 


Red Jewelry Gifts 

Jewelry featuring primarily red, a bold energizing burst of color.     

Black and Red Ebony Wood Hoop Earrings



These stunning statement hoop earrings feature bold lines of grey and red.  The Black and Red Ebony Wood Hoop Earrings are bold yet sophisticated and easy to style with your favorite black and red outfit.  Pair them with the Black and Red Ebony Necklace/Brooch below for a show stopping black and red jewelry set.  If you prefer a smaller hoop, the Black and Red Ebony Wood Mini Hoop Earrings are the same color palette in a more petite size.  


Black and Red Ebony Wood Necklace and Brooch


This ebony wood necklace is two pieces in one!  The oxidized silver neck wire is removable and the sleek modern pendant is also a brooch.   Pair it with an understated Black and Red Long Oval Post Earrings  below, or the bolder Black and Red Ebony Wood Hoop Earrings above.   


Black and Red Long Oval Post Earrings 


These sleek, modern ebony wood post earrings are an easy way to add a pop of red to add a little color to your black outfit.  The Black and Red Long Oval Post Earrings are also the perfect addition to your black and red jewelry collection.  They can also balance out a larger statement piece like the Black and Red Ebony Wood Necklace and Brooch above or be worn as an everyday earrings, perfect for the office. 


Red and Blue Wooden Fan Earrings 


The Red and Blue Wooden Fan Earrings are a newer addition to the Laura Jaklitsch Jewelry collection designed to be a front facing hoop.  The sterling silver riveted earlier allows the earrings to sway back and forth with elegant movement.  The natural rich warm red of the Paduak wood in these earrings perfectly complaints the primary colored polyurethane resin.  


Mini Maple Wood Crescent Earrings


The Mini Maple Wood Crescent Earrings are another new earring design that are fun to wear but small enough for everyday.   These wood earrings can also be worn two ways - framing the face or facing outwards.   The contemporary crescent shape is the perfect fresh jewelry update.


Pink Jewelry Gifts 

Jewelry featuring primarily pink.  

Desert Rose Wood Statement Ring


The natural beauty luster of a rare piece of sustainably sourced East Indian Rosewood in this statement cocktail ring is complimented by the soft desert rose color palette.    


Ebony Wood Coral Pop Necklace 


This sweet ebony wood necklace is perfect for your sweetheart!   The coral pink in this necklace contrasts beautifully with the black wood.   The ebony wood pendant hangs from an elegant oxidized sterling silver chain.  


Pink and Teal Wood Earrings
Pink pairs beautifully with teal and cobalt blue in these wood dangle earrings.   The riveted ear wire allows the wood piece to sway as you move for graceful movement.  Best of all, these vibrant earrings are so lightweight you can barely feel them! 


Crescent Cork and Wood Necklace

This wood necklace with cork cord is lightweight, and so fun to wear.   The fresh color palette pairs striking pink and coral red with a bold cobalt blue.  Even better, cork is a renewable resource!  The sterling silver handmade clasp makes this necklace even more special.  
These wood stud earrings are the perfect under $100 jewelry gift.   Soft pink pairs with blue and orange to make these stud earrings a fantastic way to add color to an everyday outfit.  


Mauve pink goes modern paired with grey in this one of a kind pair of wood earrings.  These wood earrings are lightweight and are a lovely way to add a little color into your jewelry collection.  

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