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Classic Blue Earrings Necklaces and Rings Gift Guide

Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.” – The Pantone Color Institute 


It’s that time of year again!  Every year for the past 20 years, the Pantone Institute has taken the pulse of the art and design world, as well as the cultural zeitgeist, and announced a new Color of the Year.  The 2020 Color of the Year is Classic Blue, described by Pantone as a “timeless and enduring blue hue,” and “elegant in its simplicity.”   

Classic Blue is evocative of the sky at dusk, and highlights “our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.”   Interestingly, the first Color of Year in the year 2000, was another shade of blue: Cerulean.   Often associated with tranquility, serenity and stability, blue has been found to be one of the most popular colors in the world. 

 I always look forward to the annual Color of the Year announcement, and this year is no exception!  I often consider blue to be almost like a neutral, and while I naturally gravitate towards light blue shades like aqua, I have been incorporating darker blues like Classic Blue into my jewelry lately as well.  

Classic Blue is a very wearable shade of blue and is one of the easier colors to style.  For a bolder look, pair it with a warm accent color like red, orange, or yellow.  For a subtler look, pair it with terra cotta, pastels, or gray.  Below I have rounded up a selection of 14 pieces of jewelry with Classic Blue from the webshop.   This list is by no means exhaustive – you can shop a full selection of Classic Blue jewelry as well as other shades in the Blue Jewelry section of the shop. 


Mini Wenge Hoop Earrings 

Classic Blue Mini Hoop Earrings


These Mini Hoops prominently feature Classic Blue paired with pastel shades of blue and purple, and accented with primary red and yellow with the natural black and brown figuring of the wenge wood as a backdrop.  Pair these with the Primary Wenge Ring for the perfect set!


Cobalt/Lilac/Citron Ebony Earrings

Classic Blue Jewelry Earrings


These ebony earrings are easy to wear and have resin inlay in blue, gray, and lilac, with a citron yellow accent that really pops against the black wood. 


Multi Strand Cork Necklace




Make a statement with the Multi Strand Cork Necklace.   In this persimmon wood and cork necklace, Classic Blue is paired with vermillion orange, marigold yellow, and lemon yellow.  This piece features a beautiful handmade sterling silver clasp.  Pair with the Persimmon Hoops to make a stunning set. 


Coastline Earrings


The color palette on these lightweight earrings evokes the coastlines of California.  Classic Blue is paired with shades of aqua, grey, golden yellow, and a peachy shade of terra cotta.  This pair of earrings is easy to style and almost universally flattering!


Primary Burst Studs

Stud Earrings with Classic Blue Red Yellow and White


These elongated oval studs are the perfect piece for everyday wear, and feature Classic Blue as well as white, primary red, and primary yellow against a backdrop of dark wood.  If you want to start adding more color into your everyday outfits, start with these!


Pacific Coast Earrings

Oval Wood Earrings with Classic Blue and Orange


The Pacific Coast Earrings have a color palette with a vintage vibe that reminds me of Santa Cruz California.  Shades of blue are contrasted with complementary shades of orange on a rich brown background. 


Primary Wenge Ring



The perfect companion piece to the Wenge Mini Hoops above or the Wenge Earrings, this size 8 cocktail ring features a bright brushed finish sterling silver backing signed by the artist. 


Red/Blue Ebony Studs

Red and Classic Blue Ebony Stud Earrings


Classic Blue, red and charcoal inlay pop against the ebony wood in these stud earrings.   The Red/Blue Ebony studs combine our most popular colors, and are easy to style with work or weekend outfits. 


Red/Blue Maple Earrings

Classic Blue and Red Maple Wood Earrings


In these maple earrings, Classic Blue is paired with shades of aqua and a pop of red in a lightweight elongated oval.   The perfect earrings for spring and summer. 


Peach Navy Studs

Classic Blue Wood Stud Earrings with Peach and Lilac


These stud earrings feature Classic Blue paired with modern peach and lilac hues.  Great for gifting and great for everyday wear.  Pair with more traditional jewelry like pearls for an unexpected update on a classic. 


Desert Bloom Large Oval Tab Necklace


Oval Necklace with Classic Blue


The Desert Bloom Large Oval Tab Necklace pairs Classic Blue with desert inspired hues including terra cotta, dusty teal, peach.  This necklace is made of burled maple and canary wood, which has an incredible natural luster and shine.  The handmade clasp adds another special touch. 


Primary Color Padauk Hoops

Classic Blue with Primary Colors Hoop Earrings


Turn heads with these statement earrings in maple and paduak wood which has a beautiful nature reddish color.   Wood hoops are so incredible light,  you can barely feel them!.  This pair features Classic Blue paired with primary colors of red and yellow, as well as white, and aqua.  Pair them with the Red and Blue Hardware Necklace for a matching set..


Blue Coral Earrings

Living Coral and Classic Blue Oval Wood Earrings

The Blue Coral Earrings pair Living Coral, which is the 2019 Color of the year, with Classic Blue, the 2020 color of the year!  These earrings also feature a mauve-y lilac as well as turquoise.  The figuring of the wood on this pair of earrings provides an interesting depth to the background. 


Black Cobalt Hoop Earrings

Classic Blue Hoop Earrings


I love big hoops and these are no exception - the Black Cobalt Hoops are the ultimate statement earrings!  Classic Blue pops against the black ebony wood, and the red earth, orange and white lines are a perfect compliment.  These hoops are bold with a geometric modern edge.  Pair them with your favorite LBD (little black dress) or wide leg pants and modern top.   They are also light as a feather so you can go big without feeling weighed down. 


 Can’t get enough blue jewelry?  You can shop the full selection of blue jewelry in Classic Blue and other shades in the webshop here.  


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