Modern Wood Jewelry Necklace and Earring Gift Sets

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Looking for the perfect wood jewelry gift?  

Stud earrings are one of our most popular items for gifts, and adding a matching necklace really takes the gift to the next level.  For a truly special gift, pair a statement earring (like our large hoops) with a statement necklace.  

Laura Jaklitsch Jewelry is designed to be mixed and matched so when choosing a pairing, consider a picking out a few key colors to to tie pieces together.  Similar wood colors will give you a more traditional matched look, while mixing up light and dark woods and bright and oxidized metal offers a contemporary, cutting edge look.  Anything goes! 

To help give you some ideas, I've put together a gift guide of jewelry pairings.  If you need help making your own pairing, reach out on the contact page.

Modern Match-ups Wood Jewelry Gift Guide 

 The Elegant Ebony Set

Beautiful Ebony Wood provides the backdrop for pops of red, mauve and burgundy in this necklace and earring set that is elegant with a modern edge.  The color palette and elongated oval shapes make a complement each other for a perfectly balanced look.  


The Tropical Staycation Set  

You don’t need to leave your house for a tropical escape with this set featuring beachy hues of teal, pink, aqua, and golden peach.  The perfect wood jewelry set for a modern look with a subtle match between pieces.  


The Desert Bloom Set  

This desert inspired set proves that you don’t need an exact match to make a beautiful set.  Featuring desert inspired hues like dusty sage and terra cotta, the color palette provide a harmonious constant while the dark wood and bright silver form a balance with the light wood and oxidized silver.  


 The Sunshine Set 

This cheerful set features sunny hues of peach, pink, aqua and blue as well as spalted maple, walnut, and cocobolo woods.  Another lovely example of a match that is complementary but not exact.   

The Coastal Set 

If you love the color blue, then this set is for you!  This sun and sand inspired set features shades of blue, aqua, yellow, and peach. 

The Persimmon Spice Set  

Warm shades of vermillion orange and golden yellows contrast with cool blue tones to highlight the natural beauty of the persimmon wood (yes, the fruit!) in this gorgeous modern set.  The necklace features a triple strand cord made of cork, which is a renewable resource.   Best of all this set packs a visual punch while being incredibly lightweight to wear.  

The Red Pop Set 

 This sporty earring and necklace set uses red to tie these two pieces together with complimentary color palettes.  


The Ultimate Holiday Set 

Be the life of the (zoom) party with this stunning statement necklace and earring pairing.  This gorgeous show-stopping set highlights the natural beauty of black ebony wood with striking red accents.  The pendant can also be worn as a brooch, and features a removable neck wire.  


The Gift Card 

 Not quite sure what to get that special someone?  Missed the holiday shipping deadline?  Gift Cards let them choose their own set that they will be sure to love! 



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