Living Coral: Pantone's 2019 Color of the Year

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Jewelry In Living Coral  

Every year, the Pantone Institute takes the pulse of the art and design world and announces a new Color of the Year.  This past summer I made many pieces with pops of bright coral, so naturally I was thrilled when I saw that this year’s Pantone Color of the Year was Living Coral.  Pantone says that “Living Coral emits the desired, familiar, and energizing aspects of color found in nature,” and describes the color as “vibrant but mellow.”  Coral plays well with blue, teal, aqua, and peach tones, as well as neutrals like black, grey, and beige.  If you are really feeling adventurous, pair it with chartreuse!   


Below I’ve gathered a selection of pieces in the web shop featuring shades of coral.  Each piece is one of a kind:


The Bird of Paradise Earrings

One of my favorite pairs of earrings from my latest release, the Bird of Paradise Earrings, feature a color palette of coral paired with hues of blue, purple, and peach.   They are made from repurposed Paduak wood which has a lovely warm red/orange tone and a gorgeous natural luster when polished. 


The Tropical Ring

In this piece, I’ve paired coral with lavender, teal, cobalt, peach, and yellow in a tropical inspired color palette that contrasts nicely with the rich natural brown tones in the ziricote wood. 



Ebony Coral Pop Necklace (also available as a ring!)

 I love to pair Ebony with lighter colors because of the way they stand out against the rich black color of the wood, and when polished, ebony can appear like stone.  Here, coral is paired with subtler grey tones, as well as aqua, and a light, dusty lilac. 



Grey Gradient Posts

The Spalted Maple in these earrings has a nice subtle luster that pairs well with the coral-to-yellow and grey gradient in these super wearable earrings.  Stud earrings can provide a little pop of color to your neutral outfit or compliment your colorful one. 



Coral/Blue/Lilac Earrings

Here I’ve paired warm toned coral with cool toned slate blue, lilac, ice blue, and grey as well as Ebony and Katalox woods.    



Island Earrings

The warm tones in these olive wood earrings compliment the light airy tropical feel of the color palette in these earrings.  Here, electric coral is paired with peach, teal, and light blues and greys.


Coral/Lilac/Slate Studs

I really love the combination of coral, lilac, and slate blue/grey in this pair of stud earrings.   The coral color in this pair is so bright it’s almost glowing against the dark Ebony wood!



Navy Coral Studs

The coral in these studs is more of an orange-y vermillion tone, and giving the simple coral, blue, and white color palette a slight nautical feel. 



Electric Coral/Cobalt Earrings

I love the combination of electric coral and cobalt blue in these earrings.



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