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Laura Jaklitsch Jewelry Studio

This month I am on for the new In the Studio series, chatting about my inspiration,   what's coming for fall, and why you should by handmade.  Read the interview below.


 What's new in your shop for autumn? 

For the fall (coming late September/early October) I have tons of new earrings and necklaces coming to the shop.  Look for new color palettes, darker woods, and new earrings styles.   


 What's the inspiration behind your newest pieces? 

 For my newest work, I was very lucky to receive a couple of boxes of cut-offs from other makers.  I love how supportive and wonderful the craft community is.    

I used the figuring and coloring of the exotic hardwoods as a jumping off point, and let the color palette evolve organically from there.   


Why should customers choose handmade goods? 

Handmade objects have soul.   Because I design and make each piece by hand from start to finish, I can add little details like handmade findings that make my work unique.   I can also work with my clients directly to make custom pieces – it’s that personal connection that you are not going to get with mass produced goods.  My work reflects my values; It’s important to me that each piece is well crafted, built to last, and sustainable   



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