3 Reasons to Love Wood Jewelry

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3 Reasons to Love Wood Jewelry 

Although I was trained traditionally as jeweler and metalsmith, I began experimenting with wood as a jewelry material after taking an alternative materials jewelry class, and soon fell in love with the material.   Here are the top 3 reasons I love wood jewelry. 

Wood Jewelry is Lightweight

 Do you love wearing big earrings but hate feeling like your ears are weighed down?   Wood earrings are so light that you can conformably wear big earrings all day!    Laura Jaklitsch Jewelry’s earrings are all incredibly lightweight and made with sterling silver ear wires and posts to keep sensitive ears happy.  

Wood Jewelry has a Beautiful Finish

 Every Laura Jaklitsch Jewelry piece is sanded to a very fine 1500 grit finish and sealed with museum quality microcrystalline wax.  The resulting smooth satin finish highlights the natural beauty and luster of the wood while also creating a pleasant tactile experience for the wearer akin to a very smooth stone.  Wood jewelry also warms to your body temperature, making it very comfortable to wear. 

Every Piece of Wood Jewelry is Unique

Because wood is a natural material, each piece of wood has its own distinct character shaped by the environment around the tree it came from.  I particularly like working with wood that has unique figuring, which I use as a jumping off point for designing jewelry.    I work with other woodworkers who send me cut-offs and pieces they can’t use which are often highly figured. 


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