Oval Earrings Wood Jewelry with Resin Inlay Handmade by Laura Jaklitsch Jewelry
Inlay Jewelry Wood Earrings Side View
Wearing Wood Jewelry Earrings with Polyurethane Resin Inlay
Laura Jaklitsch Jewelry

Pink and Cobalt Blue Wood Earrings

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One of a kind wood earrings polyurethane inlay in blue, aqua, coral, lavender purple, grey and white. The riveted construction allows the earrings to swing right and left from the sterling silver ear-wires.   Light as a feather, these earrings feature Laura’s signature square earring hooks.  In stock and ready to ship. 

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Measurements: 1 5/8” Long x  7/16” Wide x  3/8” Depth

To maximize sustainability, Laura Jaklitsch Jewelry uses recycled metals and woods sourced from wood worker cut-offs or purchased cut-offs from companies with legal and responsible forestry policies.


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